SQLBits 2020 – I’ll be speaking

I’m ecstatic that I’ve been selected to speak at SQLBits 2020 in London this April. SQLBits is ” the largest Microsoft Data Platform conference in Europe” over 5 days in total. It’s a great event and the Saturday is completely free (and on a weekend) if you can’t get tickets for the main event.

I’ve had a couple of sessions chosen, I’ve put a summary below of each and I’d love to see you there.

Creating test data with SQL 2019 and Python

Friday 3rd April – 15:45

Do you have a need to create test data but not the means? Why not do it with SQL 2019 and Python? In this session we’ll go through (from the beginning) what you need to get this going and exactly how to do it, no Python experience is necessary.

Making your Emergency Toolkit

Saturday 4th April – 10:30

Have you ever had to jump on a server that’s having issues and fix it quick? Me too. We’ll go through creating your own tailored set of scripts that can help you triage and fix problems efficiently and quickly. 

For both of these talks I’ll give you all of the scripts used so you can reproduce them at home.

One other thing of note, the Friday night party is always themed. This year is The Greatest Showman. It’s sure to be a laugh, I’ll be going as the Bearded Lady, come say hi!

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