What is Your “Why?”

This month Andy Leonard has asked What is Your “Why”?.

Well, here’s my Why.

I love SQL Server and the community that surrounds it. It’s so welcoming, open and accessable.

I’ve had a sort of organic progression of Microsoft products in my career. I’ve gone Excel Developer -> Access Developer -> SQL Server Developer -> SQL Server DBA (there’s some other products in there like SSRS but that’s the main path). I’ve never really felt comfortable with any of the communities around these other products but SQL Server is a different kettle of fish completely.

Finding the SQL Server Community slack channel was a great thing. I am the only DBA where I am (with loads of developers) and having people to chat to about DBA stuff is such a pressure release.

Also, check out the call for speakers at most conferences. It’s not unusual to have a ‘first timers’ track for people who want to get into speaking. Doing this isn’t a necessity but it shows how inclusive the community is.

I didn’t choose to stay with SQL Server because of the technology specifically (although I do enjoy focusing on performance tuning) but rather the community around it.

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