Azure Data Studio – Extensions

Azure Data Studio supports installing extensions and has it’s own marketplace where you can get the full install details.

On your left bar, choose this funny little icon;

It will show what extensions you already have installed and also the marketplace. If you sort by below you’ll be able to scroll through the marketplace.

Click on any that take your fancy, it’ll open a page about it along with animations showing how they work (if the publisher has included them).

You can also build your own or download other extensions directly from source. Let’s go get Phil Scott’s pre-release of;

Go ahead and download the .vsix file. Once you’ve got that, open ADS, open the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) and find Extensions: Install from VSIX…

Navigate to your download folder and select the vsix file you’ve just downloaded.

If it’s not on the store you’ll probably see the following error message, I’m going to click Yes but you need to know that you trust the publisher (or you like living life dangerously, you rebel)

YOLO right?

Once it’s installed you’ll have to reboot Azure Data Studio to enable it

Once it’s reloaded you’ll see that your new extension is enabled

Nice work, you can now add Master With Azure Data Studio to your C.V.

Each extension will have different install instructions that will be shown on their GitHub page. Follow these and you’ll have access to those sweet extensions.

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