T-SQL Tuesday #102 – Giving Back

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday has been chosen by Riley Major and invites people to give back to the community

To give you a little background on me currently. I began working at a startup a couple of years ago. It’s a software house with a product that’s based on SQL Server on the back end. They were getting to a point where they’d never had a proper development DBA before and couldn’t put off having one for much longer. Enter the sandman.

One thing I’ve done here is to train people on the depths of SQL Server and to give people the tools to be able to write faster and more reliable code. I realised this year that I’ve spent a lot of time with people 1 on 1 which has been very effective but the downside to this is that it’s very time consuming on my part and it can be difficult for people to find some of my time to be able to train them.

I decided to commit to run training courses for one lunch time a month for at least a full year (bolded to hold me to this). I’ll then make them available to anybody who thinks they’d benefit from the training. We’re now part of a much larger company (as the startup got bought out) and have colleagues across the globe so making this training available to them was going to be essential. The first session was to a full room and the second (tomorrow) is looking to be just as busy so that’s good news. I’ve also made sure the recordings are available on our document management system so that remote employees or people who just couldn’t make it that day can watch it at their convenience.

I’ve got an idea of some future topics but I’m also making to take note of feedback and designing future sessions to meet what people think will be interesting.

I’ve also spoken at a couple of small events and I’m planning to use the ideas taken from the internal talks and submit sessions to local events (SQL Saturdays, User Groups etc) and I’ll update here when I find out whether my talks have been successful or not.

I also need to blog more, but that’s easier said than done….

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